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Major Abdominal Surgery

Dr. Collins and Dr. St. Julien are highly experienced in surgical procedures to treat diseases affecting the gallbladder, appendix, and other abdominal organs. Patients can access his services at Bay Surgical Specialists with convenient locations in St. Petersburg and Pasadena, FL.

Major abdominal surgery Q & A

What is considered major abdominal surgery?

Major abdominal surgery is a loose term for all surgical procedures to that area of the body. These can range from laparoscopic procedures to traditional open surgery.  Dr. Collins provides surgical procedures ranging from appendectomies and gallbladder treatments to laparoscopic colon surgeries and liver resections.

How is abdominal surgery performed?

Open and laparoscopic surgeries use different techniques and procedures. In open abdominal surgery, the surgeon makes an incision into the abdomen to access the organ that needs surgical repair or treatment. Once the surgery is complete, Dr. Collins will close the incision with sutures or staples. In laparoscopic surgeries, the surgeon makes several small incisions, usually only a half inch or less in length and inserts narrow tubing called cannulas into the incisions. He then feeds a laparoscope, a long, thin flexible tube with a camera on the end and specially designed surgical tools through the cannulas. This allows him to perform the treatment inside the body while viewing the internal organs and his work on a live video feed from the camera on the laparoscope. When the surgeon has completed the procedure, he will remove the instruments and cannulas and close the tiny incision with a stitch.

What is recovery like following abdominal surgery?

Patients usually stay in hospital for up to a week following traditional open surgery. They can go home usually within a day of a laparoscopic procedure. If the surgery caused disruption to the digestive tract, the patient will follow a restricted diet, starting with ice chips and clear liquids then gradually adding thicker liquids and soft foods over a period of several weeks or months depending on the surgery, until a normal diet can be resumed. With open surgery, patients may feel fatigued or weak for several weeks and will slowly increase their activity over time. Patients who have laparoscopic procedures normally return to normal activities more quickly, but all patients should take care and follow their surgeon's advice following any surgical procedure.

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