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Diabetic Venous And Arterial Leg & Foot Ulcers

Patients who suffer from diabetic and venous ulcers on their legs or feet can seek treatment from Dr. Almond at Bay Surgical Specialists, with offices located in St. Petersburg and Pasadena, FL.

Diabetic, venous, and arterial leg & foot ulcers Q & A

What causes ulcers in the legs and feet?

Ulcers in the legs are most often caused by the poor circulation associated with venous and arterial disease. Other causes include diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, high blood pressure, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, water retention, drug use and kidney disease. Ulcers on the feet are often caused by: peripheral neuropathy, circulatory issues, abnormal foot anatomy, atherosclerosis and Raynaud’s Phenomenon. Symptoms to monitor include pain, inflammation, redness, and itchy skin.

What are diabetic foot ulcers?

Diabetics are at a higher risk of developing ulcers, or sores, on the feet. These are frequently known as diabetic ulcers. Foot ulcers are one of the most frequent causes of hospital trips among patients with diabetes. It can take weeks or even months for the ulcer to heal. The ulcers are usually painless however they can cause additional issues to develop when left untreated. For diabetics, taking care of their feet is especially crucial to their health.

What treatment options are available?

Dr. Almond can perform vascular surgery, if the ulcers are being caused or exacerbated by poor blood flow. Other treatments include debridement, which is the removal of dead tissue and skin though mechanical or chemical means, and compression bandages and stockings. Ulcers can take three to four months to heal with effective medical and surgical treatment. Patients will also need to follow the doctor’s advice on how to prevent ulcers from returning.

How can a patient prevent ulcers from returning?

It is important to maintain a healthy weight and to exercise regularly. Exercise will strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve blood flow to the extremities. The doctor will also suggest wearing compression stockings, elevating the feet and legs, and maintaining the skin, keeping it clean and moisturized.

Do diabetics need to monitor their feet for any special conditions?

Diabetics are often at risk of developing ulcers on their feed due to circulatory and neuropathic symptoms associated with the disease. To assist with caring for their ulcer or their feet patients should:

  • Monitor their feet and have regular appointments with a podiatrist
  • Monitor blood sugar levels regularly
  • Bandage and clean the ulcer as instructed

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