Dr. Kevin Huguet and his staff provided an exceptional weight loss experience for me. I had considered weight loss surgery before being recommended to Dr. Huguet but never did feel at ease. Once I met with Dr. Huguet and his staff, I felt confident with the process and the procedure. I really needed to lose 175lbs. Dr. Huguet told me I would lose about 70% of the excess weight without much effort and the rest would depend on how dedicated I was to diet and exercise that he strongly encouraged. I lost 70% of my excess weight within the first 9 months and have maintained that weight loss for almost four years. Typing these comments has me thinking about starting the healthy diet and exercise to lose the rest. I’m gonna have a salad and head to the gym. Best of luck with your weight loss experience with Dr. Huguet and his team of professionals. Its been a life saver for me and my family.

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