Lap Band

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Lap BandThe Lap-Band® weight loss surgery is one of the fastest growing weight loss solutions today because it is simple, safe and effective. Our mission is to help you become familiar enough with the procedure to prepare for a consultation with your doctor. There is no substitute for the information you will receive from a bariatric surgeon regarding your personal medical condition and weight loss goals, but by visiting this website and learning about the Lap Band procedure, you can take the first step in determining whether the right surgery can help you achieve the weight loss results that will improve your health and enjoyment of life.

lap-bandOur goal is to provide you with an overview of the procedure, present the qualifications for surgery, cover costs and financing options, help you find a surgeon, and give you insights from other patients for a better understanding of what to expect after surgery.

We hope that this overview of the Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery System will guide you toward a more informed and confident decision made with the advice of your doctor.